The waters of Montecatini and their countless therapeutic properties

Montecatini Terme is one of the most appreciated and recognized Italian spa towns for the great variety of treatments it offers.

In fact, since ancient times, Montecatini has been synonymous par excellence with well-being and psycho-physical health, and its fame is entirely due to the quality of the waters that still treat thousands of tourists a year.
Thermal treatments are still recommended today by doctors and specialists because they play a very important role in the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Here are the main benefits of Montecatini spa treatments:
• They prevent disease
They strengthen the proper functioning of the immune system and counteract the onset of diseases, including seasonal ones.
• They have rehabilitative properties
Spa treatments are increasingly recommended to reduce the effects of certain diseases and improve general health.
Among the most important benefits of spa treatments are those related to blood circulation, which helps the body to properly expel impurities.
Not only that, the thermal waters of Montecatini are ideal for diseases that affect the respiratory tract, but also for cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, pain in the joints and muscles and finally for skin inflammations such as common dermatitis.
The most common methods for treating these diseases with thermal water are numerous and each one suited to the specific needs of different patients: from saunas, to showers, to massages.

Although the benefits are many, it is good to remember that before undergoing any spa treatment it is always advisable to consult the opinion of a doctor, to make sure that there are no particular contraindications based on your state of health.

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Thanks to the special agreements with the adjacent spa facilities you can freely choose the treatments you want to do and enjoy your spa stay in the city of Montecatini to the fullest.

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Hotel Nuovo Savi is made up of 2 buildings located 20 meters away from each other, one of which houses the restaurant and lounge area. The swimming pool is available from June to mid-September, and guests have access to a sauna and a spa and wellness center at a partner hotel.

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